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  1. Hi I’ve just been checking your progress, I met you when your boat was in Souris, my own boat was opposite yours in the boat park. I was especially stuck by your comments regarding getting your Mainsail repaired. I’m a complete novice to sailing and am probably in over my head but I make no pretence to be otherwise. Like any used item you are always likely to be buying someone else’s problems, definitely the case with my 1979 C&C 34. One of the first things I decided I should have was a furling jib. Having bought a Harken furling I thought I might need help assembling it. I was given the phone number, by one of the former commodores of the CYC, of someone who might be able to assist. When he didn’t answer they told me he was probably down at the club. He was there and when I approached him with my request he asked me how I had got his number with the reply “That was my first mistake” and that he was no longer in that business and further he could not help me modify my sail for a furling. It has long been an impression of mine that the sailing community here on the Island has a tall pecking order of yachties. And that there are also definite levels of being CFA and a Brit can sometimes encounter some animus, this after coming to Canada over 50 years ago, going to a Canadian University and living 21 years on PEI, just saying.

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