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  1. Nice burls Jack. As you mentioned, the wild grain is highly sought after by woodworkers experienced in veneer work.

    Training the mind is a skill practiced by meditators of all followings. We forget sometimes that the mind is a muscle that not only needs exercise, but also discipline.

    The act of meditating in its simplest form is nothing more than taking the unintended chaos of the mind that invades it all too often, and temporarily stopping it. Then the only question is what thoughts does one want to replace the chaos with. Sounds simple but the mind is constantly drawn back to its uncontrolled state and the meditator is forced to rein back in the control and back to the intended state, or focus.

    That’s what you are doing when your mind wants to return to that hurtful incident and you then choose to think happy thoughts. It takes work and effort, but if one is diligent than they are eventually rewarded with the desired redirect becoming automatic.

    Good luck buddy. Let’s get together on your return.

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