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  1. Jack, I just read all of your blog today, for the first time. It is sorrow itself to read about your suffering. If it took courage to write it, it’s commendable. If it brought solace to you, again, it’s commendable. For your friends who read it, it’s insight into your struggles. We long to know about it. How’s Jack doing? Read the blog. And witness a small bit of healing or resolve or something changing in him too. That change, as you wrote, is there. I suppose there’s nothing good in your suffering but maybe one thing: Now you know deeply and personally what such a great loss is. The one thing is that your experience of it might be of help to others who go through it. Sooner or later, that’s going to be a lot of us. I’ll be better in following your blog in the future. Fram, fram (Viking battle cry for “forward, forward”). — John

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